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The new trend in sneakers started in 2017 and it's called ugly sneakers or dad sneakers. Maybe you've seen them on instragram? I'm not quite sure if I love or hate this trend. Like obviously the sneakers look pretty ugly, but at the same time there is something pretty in them.

All the biggest fashion houses have ugly sneakers in their collections. The Balenciaga ones are most wanted ones (and they pretty much started the trend), and they are sold out almost everywhere. I've heard people are wait listed to get them.. I have to say they are a bit too much for me so if I end up buying a pair I will definitely go for more settle pair. But that is still a big if...

What do you guys think?

And if you love this trend make sure to keep your eyes open for some inspiration during the upcoming fashion weeks. I'm so sure that you will be seeing plenty of these shoes!

Bloggaa matkapuhelimesta - Nouw:lla on ehkä Suomen paras blogi-sovellus - Napsauta tästä



Hat, jacket & shoes Zara / Pants Bik Bok / Bag Saint Laurent

A few months ago I wrote a blog post telling that this whole social media thing had been feeling so overwhelming. I've also told that I've had a lot going on in my personal life which has been really intense. I just haven't had the strength to deal with all the negativity. Normally when my personal life is all good, I feel happy and strong, so I don't mind the negativity in social media and I just brush it off. But when I already feel bad and then I log in to my blog and have to deal with even more bad vibes it's has just been too much.

So why haven't I been blogging? Honestly I also feel kind of lost. I'm looking for my place in this crazy world, and we will see where I'll end up feeling like "yes! this it what I want to do". Meanwhile, I hope you guys understand and I SOOO appreciate all the support <3 It means everything to me! I like the saying "sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself" and that is what I'm living with right now.

I've also gotten a lot of questions if I'm also going to write in Finnish or have I switched totally in English? I honestly don't know. I've been writing my blog in Finnish for soon 6 years (feels so crazy!!!!), but like I said, lately I haven't been in the mood to read all the comments that my grammar is bad etc etc. So just for now I'll just write in English :-)

Pictures by Janina Havia



I know I'm like MEGA late with the part two of my year recap.. I even thought if there is even a point doing this, but I felt like I needed to. So here we go!


In the beginning of the month, my sister and Julianna flew to Stockholm to celebrate my birthday. We had such a fun weekend together! We ate so much good food, partied and had long brunches.

Straight after the my birthday celebrations I flew to Brighton with my sister.

On the same trip we also visited London. It was actually my first time there and London became one of my favorite cities in Europe straight away. We've planned a new trip for the spring with my sister and I can't wait!!!

After that I just enjoyed Stockholm for the rest of the month. I have to say the summer was pretty amazing!


The beginning of the month was pretty calm. I had no idea how packed my autumn would end up looking like. I had so amazing job opportunities that I still have to pinch myself to believe all the things I got to experience with such a cool brands. And all the amazing people I met!

But before we get into all that, me and my sister flew to Prague to surprise our mom on her birthday. We had no idea, we pulled it off so well!! And what an amazing time we had. I even vlogged it so if you want to see it, check out the vlog from here.

Then I flew to Stockholm and next morning I was off to Oslo with BikBok!!

And the next week I flew to Copenhagen with Dior! The event was in a castle, and it was truly magical.


The week after I had been in Copenhagen with Dior I got invited to Paris by Guerlain. I would never say no to Paris! It's one of my favorite cities. So romantic! I vlogged the trip so check out the video from here .

After Paris I visited my beloved Helsinki!

Aaaaand straight after that I flew to Prague.. I had booked this trip long ago, when I had absolutely no plans for the autumn.. Little did I know :-D

I ended up the month with flying to Helsinki one more time :-)


That is also what I did to start off October. It was crazy with work, and I had no other option than just forth and back.

In the beginning of October I also got to share the biggest news ever. I had been blogging under ELLE Finland for 3,5 years and now it was time for me to move on. I moved under Nouw and got to be fully independent!

Else than that October was pretty calm and I just enjoyed my time at home. Hang out with my friends and just chilled.

Then it was time to go say hi to my sister in Brighton!

To top of a great month, I MOVED!!! To a dream apartment at Odenplan.

And also celebrated the launch of Nouw Finland! They have so wonderful girls blogging and working here, so it has been an absolute pleasure.


In the beginning of the month my grandfather turned round years. Is that how you say it? So the whole family gathered up to Helsinki to celebrate.

In November I shared my first instagram pictures ever, with my commentary. If you haven't seen the post, check it out here . It's crazy how much instagram has changed...

And I also went back to blonde!!!

In November threw a huge party in Helsinki! They had rented part of a hotel and turned it into a Nelly Hotel. It was so much fun! Alma performed there and I was so happy to see her live. She was so good!!

At the end of the month I flew to Dubai for a vacation. It was so needed! And for the first time in years, I actually had a vacation and didn't blog from there at all. I fell in love with Dubai!!! What a cool place, there is nothing like it.


And all the sudden it was the last month of the year. I have to say what an insane year I had. I posted to my instagram that this year was at the same time the best one ever and at the same time the worse. I will talk about all that sometime later when I feel like it.

But I ended the year with trip with my family to Florida! We celebrated Christmas in Miami, visited Disney World in Orlando and what else? It was just wonderful <3

I'll end this just with saying; bring it on 2018, I'm so ready :-)



I swear this Sunday was the first time I saw the sun in a week. You have to admit, that is insane.. I can't even begin to imagine how it must live in upper parts of Finland when the sun doesn't rise for weeks. I don't believe that you can get used to that, or? For every year that goes by for me the winter always just feels harder and harder.

Lately I've been loving phone picture much more than a DSLR camera. This Sunday was the first time I shot with a camera in weeks.. And I wasn't feeling it. Somehow the pictures taken with phone feel more real and I love that vibe. Which ones do you guys prefer, phone or camera?

Btw, I should do an updated make up post. I've bought some AH-mazing new products that I just die for. Like my foundation from Nars is the best one I've ever tried! Would you guys want to take a peek into my makeup bag soon?

I noticed that like every other blogger had shot pictures in this cafe called Deliberi so of course I had to do it too. No, but seriously, it was so beautiful and they had great selection of kind of everything. Perfect spot to have lunch or take a glass of wine and a small bite to eat!

So nice that there are so many new places is Helsinki! There is actually a few restaurants that I can't wait to try out, like BasBas and Yes Yes yes! Have any of you tried them out? What did you think?

Did I mention that on Sunday I hang out with this cutie? @johannaturpeinen is really the sweetest girl!

Have a great week everyone <3



This post contains adlinks

Jacket here (get -20% off with the code "natalia20) / Shirt H&M / Skirt Mango - similar here / Shoes Skopunkten - similar here

Or I believe I should say first outfit pictures of the year since yes, I've already worn clothes and outfits during this year. I haven't jumped around in my PJ's until now. I actually even flew to Helsinki last Thursday and I'm staying until Tuesday evening. I have to say it has felt pretty good to be back here. Before I've always said I don't miss Finland but now I have to say I actually kind of miss it. But I guess that is pretty normal when you've moved abroad.

Yesterday was first they that sun came out in a super long time. Else it's been dark all the time. It's crazy when you're not really sure if it's morning, day or evening when you look outside of your window.

And hey, do you notice that I've got my hair a bit shorter? I actually did it already before New Year but I just haven't shooted any new pictures until today :-D Have a great week everyone!

Pictures by Johanna Turpeinen




The year started pretty normally. You know getting back into routines after Christmas and New Years and just chilled a lot at home. For me it feels like January is the Monday of the months.. But in the middle of the month my mom asked if I wanted to go spend a spontaneous weekend in Prague with her and of course I wanted. So that was the highlight of January!


Right in the beginning of February I flew down to Miami. We had booked a family trip with my parents, grandparents, and my sister of course! It was so amazing to spend some time together. And we did so many fun things like visited the Kennedy Space Center, drove down to Miami and we even surprised my sister best friend at West Palm Beach.


As a Christmas gift last year I gave tickets to the Drakes concert for my sister. And in March it was time for that!!! One of the best concerts of my life. Of course I don't have any pictures from there, but maybe you saw some videos on my instagram stories recap that I did? But what a fun weekend we had.

In March I also went to dog sit our dogs in Prague! I'm always so happy to travel there and can't wait to go again this year.

In March I also shared my 10 favorite lunch spots in Stockholm! Check out the post here .

And a guide where to shop in Stockholm! Find the post here .


In April we decided with my family that we will go rent a place in Marbella for a month. But we will get into that soon. In April I started my collaboration with Wella and that was super exciting and I really loved working with them. We had a kickoff for the collaboration in Yasuragi!

In the end of April I traveled to Marbella for a month! I really liked to place even though we had so much trouble with the place we had rented.. I felt like last year it has been so much bad luck with just everything. I'm honestly keeping my fingers crossed that this year will be better. But don't get me wrong! We had so good times there too :)

I also shared my 20 favorite places to eat at from Marbella. Check out the post here !


In the beginning of June it was time to celebrate my sister birthday, so I flew to Helsinki! We had arranged a little surprise for her with her best friends and her boyfriend. And honestly that was one of the best evening during the whole year!!! We had so much fun and laughed a lot.

If you want to you can watch the vlog about that from here since I took like zero pictures :-D

After that weekend it was time for Summerburst in Stockholm. I had never been there, nor had I planned to go. We actually bought the tickets same morning as the festival took place. I really wanted to go see Justin Bieber! So that's what we did. When we got to the festival it started pouring rain like crazy, and Bieber really wasn't that good.. So :-D

In June I just enjoyed the summer in Stockholm. This was the first time in two years since I was just at home over the summer. Last year we traveled around and year before that I spent my summer in Greece!

So I had many drinks with my friends out in the sun and even more dinner in amazing restaurants!

I also shared my 10 favorite restaurants in Stockholm! Check that post out from here.

Almost at the end of the month we celebrated midsummer with the girls in the city. We arranged a picnic in the park and it was so cozy! If you want to read how Swedish people usually spend their midsummer, you can check out this post.

And to top of that amazing month on 30th of June I turned 24.